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Hilary Swank’s Double Joy: The Exclusive Reveal of Her Twin Babies’ Names!

Hilary Swank (Finally!) Revealed the Names of Her Twin Babies

Hilary Swank (Finally!) Revealed the Names of Her Twin Babies


Nearly a year after giving birth to boy and girl twins in April of 2023, Hilary Swank decided that Valentine’s Day was a perfect excuse to finally share her babies’ names, along with the first look at the little cuties.

The Big Reveal

On February 14, in an Instagram post, Hilary Swank introduced the world to her twins, Aya and Ohm. The post featured the twins on the beach with their names spelled out in green leaves on the sand behind them.

Behind the Names

While Swank did not delve into the specifics of how the names were chosen, the uniqueness of Aya and Ohm suggests a thoughtful decision process. It’s clear that these names hold special meaning to the family.

Mom Life

In a relatable moment of motherhood, Swank mentioned in her caption that her children were trying to eat the sand during the beach photoshoot. This candid glimpse into her life as a mom resonated with many fans.

Celebrating Parenthood

Swank initially announced the birth of her twins in April 2023 with a heartwarming Instagram post. The joy and love she feels for her children are evident in her heartfelt messages to her followers.

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