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Iconic Beauty: Joni Mitchell’s Stunning Ilia Makeup Look at the 2024 Grammys

Joni Mitchell Wore Ilia Makeup During Her Historic 2024 Grammys Performance

Joni Mitchell Wore Ilia Makeup During Her Historic 2024 Grammys Performance


The Memorable Performance

Joni Mitchell stole the show at the 2024 Grammys ceremony on February 4, where she performed for the very first time. During an emotional rendition of “Both Sides Now,” the legendary singer-songwriter captivated the audience with her timeless talent and soul-stirring performance. Sitting on a golden armchair surrounded by crystal chandeliers, Mitchell’s presence was truly magical, evoking tears and admiration from all who witnessed the moment.

The Stunning Makeup Look

Makeup artist Molly Greenwald was the mastermind behind Mitchell’s glowing skin and radiant makeup look. Opting for Ilia Beauty, known for its clean formulas and skin-friendly products, Greenwald aimed to create an “ultra-luminous, blushed skin” for the 80-year-old singer.

Creating the Look

Greenwald began by using The Base Face Milk to establish a hydrated base, followed by the application of the Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 in ST2.5 Sombrio using her fingers. To maintain Mitchell’s natural complexion, Greenwald used the True Skin Serum Concealer in SC1.5 Suma, blending it seamlessly for the perfect coverage while maintaining a skin-like appearance.

A Luminous Glow

To achieve the luminous glow that complemented Mitchell’s performance, Greenwald applied the Liquid Light Serum Highlighter in Atomic and the Multi-Stick in the shade In the City. These products added warmth and radiance to Mitchell’s complexion, enhancing her features and giving her skin a healthy glow.

Final Touches

To add color and depth, Greenwald recommended using a bronzing shade and a blushing shade Multi-Stick applied with a damp rounded beauty sponge or buff brush. The application around the hairline, apples of the cheeks, and bridge of the nose imparted warmth and a natural flush to Mitchell’s look. To complete the makeup, Greenwald used the Liquid Powder Chromatic Eye Tint in Hatch on the lids and finished with the Limitless Lash Mascara for mesmerizing eyes.

Greenwald’s Reflection

In an email, Greenwald expressed her surreal experience working with the 11-time Grammy award winner. She described it as a dream job and a true collaboration, highlighting the shared vision of achieving radiant glowing skin with a healthy flush for the Grammys. Greenwald’s expertise and dedication brought out the best in Mitchell, enhancing her natural beauty and stage presence.

In Conclusion

Joni Mitchell’s historic 2024 Grammys performance was not only a musical triumph but also a beauty moment to remember. With the skillful hands of makeup artist Molly Greenwald and the use of Ilia Beauty products, Mitchell’s makeup look perfectly complemented her timeless talent and ethereal presence on stage.

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Joni Mitchell performs at the 2024 #GrammyAwards — The Hollywood Reporter (@THR) February 5, 2024

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