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Indulgent Elegance: Inside Prada’s Double Club Domination of Oscar Weekend in LA

Creative Hedonism: Prada’s Double Club Takes Over Oscar Weekend in LA

Creative Hedonism: Prada’s Double Club Takes Over Oscar Weekend in LA

“If you can appreciate real art, make some mother-fucking noise!” This past Saturday in LA’s Arts District, Prada’s Double Club reached its point of crescendo as attendees, including celebrities and art enthusiasts, immersed themselves in a night of creative hedonism.

The Collaboration

Carsten Höller, the contemporary artist known for his daring installations, teamed up with Prada to create the third episode of The Double Club. This innovative experiment in colliding art, fashion, and music aims to stimulate joy and provoke unique states of mind.

The Experience

  1. Höller’s installation space featured nods to Luna Luna, a revival of a 1987 Hamburg amusement park curated by Drake. The venue was transformed with roller coasters, swing chairs, and a carousel, creating a surreal environment where art and music intertwined.

  2. The event featured performances by renowned artists such as Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, Pedro, Bianca Lexis, and DJ Reflex, curated by Drake himself. The music, combined with the immersive art installations, provided a sensory experience unlike any other.

  3. Guests, including actors Letitia Wright and Shay Mitchell, embraced the multi-disciplinary nature of the event, engaging in the creative melee and adding to the vibrant atmosphere.

The Culinary Experience

Both nights were preceded by dinners hosted by Brutalisten, a Stockholm restaurant founded by Höller. The avant-garde cuisine, which rejects traditional norms, offered guests a unique dining experience that complemented the overall theme of surrender and indulgence.

The Finale

As the nights progressed, the crowd of LA sybarites surrendered to the music, dancing and reveling in the freedom of expression. Prada’s Double Club over Oscars weekend proved to be a wild and captivating affair, far surpassing the typical fashion party scene.

In Conclusion

By blending art, fashion, music, and gastronomy, Prada’s Double Club managed to create an unforgettable experience that transcended traditional boundaries. The event served as a testament to the power of creative hedonism and the ability of art to provoke and inspire.

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