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Inside the Democratic Republic of the Congo: A Call to Action for Change

What’s Happening in the Democratic Republic of the Congo—And How You Can Help

What’s Happening in the Democratic Republic of the Congo—And How You Can Help

Who is in charge in DRC currently?

In December 2023, the Democratic Republic of Congo’s President Felix Tshisekedi won re-election. He first came into power in 2019, following Joseph Kabila, who stepped down after 18 years in office.

Why is the population of DRC suffering?

  1. Armed groups vie for control of Congolese mining zones, leading to violence and exploitation.

  2. Women, girls, and children are subjected to various forms of abuse and exploitation.

  3. Poverty caused by instability forces many into dangerous “artisanal” mining.

  4. Nearly seven million people have been internally displaced, leading to a severe hunger crisis.

Who is behind it?

Neighboring countries, particularly Rwanda, are implicated in the violence. China and Western countries are also involved in the exploitation of Congo’s resources.

What is their vested interest?

Neighboring countries seek to control mining zones, while China and the West aim to maintain lower production costs for electronics, as Congo is rich in essential minerals like cobalt.

What’s the context?

The conflict in DRC traces back to historical events, including colonization and exploitation by various countries. The ongoing instability is fueled by economic interests in the region.

Further reading:

  1. The Congo from Leopold to Kabila by Georges Nzongola-Ntalaja

  2. King Leopold’s Ghost by Adam Hochschild

  3. Conflict Minerals Inc by Christoph Vogel

  4. Africa’s World War by Gerard Prunier

How to help:

Support solutions that the Congolese people want, such as sanctions against the Rwandan regime and an effective international force in the Congo. Consider donating to organizations like the Eastern Congo Initiative and GiveDirectly.

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