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Insider’s Guide: Navigating Vanity Fair’s Star-Studded 2024 Oscar Party

How to Watch Vanity Fair’s 2024 Oscar Party

How to Watch Vanity Fair’s 2024 Oscar Party

Overview of Vanity Fair’s Oscar Party

The Oscars may be Hollywood’s biggest night, but it’s the Vanity Fair party where everything happens—or at least, the juiciest and funniest anecdotes. Since 1994, the Oscar party organized by Vanity Fair has become an event where once a year all kinds of stars align, from Olympic medalists and international models to European and Hollywood royalty.

What to Expect

  1. No VIP area, allowing for a mix of celebrities from various fields

  2. Iconic fashion moments on the red carpet

  3. Special presenters for the 30th anniversary event

Details of the Party

After the Oscars ceremony, the Vanity Fair party is attended by winners, presenters, and various other guests. Notable figures from different industries often make appearances, creating a vibrant and star-studded atmosphere.

Event Schedule

The party takes place during and after the Oscars, from the night of Sunday, March 10, to early Monday, March 11. Guests arrive throughout the evening, with many joining after the awards show.


Expect to see a mix of Hollywood stars, models, singers, athletes, and other celebrities at the party. Winners and nominees often make appearances, creating exciting moments on the red carpet.

Where to Watch

The red carpet and party will be streaming live on Vanity Fair’s official website and YouTube channel. Viewers can enjoy live interviews and surprises from the comfort of their homes.

For more updates and coverage, visit Vanity Fair’s official platforms for a front-row seat to the glamour and excitement of the 2024 Oscar Party.This story was first published in Glamour Spain.

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