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Instagram Inspo: How This Stylish Bride Rocked Her Collina Strada Gown

This Fashion-Forward Bride Found Her Collina Strada Dress on Instagram

Cassie Levy’s Unique Wedding Dress Journey

Cassie Levy’s wedding dress story is a testament to the power of finding the perfect outfit that truly reflects your personality and style. Let’s delve into how this fashion-forward bride discovered her dream dress on Instagram and how it became a central element of her special day.

Discovery on Instagram

Before even getting engaged, Cassie Levy stumbled upon a captivating Collina Strada dress on Instagram, shared by her friend Nick. The dress instantly resonated with her artistic sensibilities and captured her heart. Despite considering other options, Levy kept gravitating back to the unique allure of the Collina Strada creation.

A Non-Traditional Choice

Levy’s choice to opt for a non-traditional, just-barely-pink dress from the spring 2023 collection showcased her individuality and desire to break away from conventional bridal norms. The dress, adorned with floral appliqués and featuring an asymmetrical train, perfectly complemented Levy’s unconventional wedding vision.

Customization for the Celebration

Understanding the importance of aligning her outfit with the celebratory vibe, Levy collaborated with the Collina Strada team to customize the dress for her Montreal restaurant wedding and lively after-party. Adjustments, such as adding layers and making it more form-fitting, ensured that the dress seamlessly integrated into the festive occasion.

Bridal Touches and Personalized Details

Aside from the dress, Collina Strada also crafted a custom garter and veil for Levy, adding a touch of bridal elegance to her ensemble. These personalized elements, along with Levy’s white shirtdress and knee-high boots for the after-party, encapsulated her unique style and spirit.

Reflections on the Unconventional

Looking back on her wedding day, Cassie Levy cherishes the decision to embrace an unconventional dress that truly reflected her personality. The dress not only garnered approval from her friends but also encapsulated her essence, making her feel confident and authentic on her special day.

Ultimately, Cassie Levy’s wedding dress journey serves as a reminder to prioritize personal style and individuality when choosing attire for significant life moments. By staying true to herself and her vision, Levy embodied the essence of a fashion-forward, confident bride.

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