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Is It Wrong That I Live for Fashion Gossip?

Is It Wrong That I Live for Gossip?

Is It Wrong That I Live for Gossip?


The Allure of Gossip

I can still remember the feeling. A crumpled-up note passed across the classroom. A furtive glance to see if the teacher had spotted us. And the ballpoint pen-scrawled secrets curled up inside: So-and-so has a crush on you. Or blah blah fancies blah blah. Whatever it is that teenagers tend to gossip about.

Unpacking the Intrigue

The talking about it was always more fun than the thing itself. Life is just a series of present moments—but it’s the build-up, and the unfurling of everything, that makes it glisten.

A Shared Love of Yapping

Gossip isn’t exactly considered a worthy pastime, however. We’re not supposed to speak about the business of others—especially when it doesn’t pertain to our own. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love a bit of chit-chat.

Reflections on Gossip

Sometimes, I wonder if I was born this way. Am I just a mega-superficial person? Does my fascination with other people’s lives indicate a latent dissatisfaction with my own, or a sort of blemish on my character?

The Positive Side of Gossip

I don’t think loving gossip always makes you a bad person. In many ways, I think it’s helped me with my work. My profound love of gossip also makes me an attentive listener.

The Harmful Side of Gossip

That said, gossip can be damaging when it crosses people’s boundaries, or strips them of ownership over their own story. Gossip can facilitate closeness, while also maintaining social order.

Personal Evolution

As someone who now lives a relatively stable and peaceful life, I rarely find myself at the center of the gossip. Gossip isn’t everything. The most interesting and engaging conversations often don’t involve any mention of other people.

Enduring Love for Gossip

My love of gossip will forever endure. And there’s still no better, more thrilling message to receive than one that begins with the immortal words: “Omg, you’ll never guess what happened…”

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