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Janet Jackson’s Unexpected New York Fashion Week Debut: A Closer Look

Janet Jackson Talks Her Surprise New York Fashion Week Appearance

Janet Jackson Talks Her Surprise New York Fashion Week Appearance

Last night, Thom Browne’s fall 2024 show had all the stars sitting front-row

Last night, Thom Browne’s fall 2024 show—which served as a dramatic closer to New York Fashion Week—had all the stars sitting front-row. Seulgi! Tierra Whack! Queen freakin’ Latifah! Sauntering in very last, however, was worldwide superstar Janet Jackson, who made a surprise appearance for her one-and-only show this week.

Janet Jackson’s Love for Thom Browne’s Shows

Jackson—who attended Browne’s spring 2023 show in Paris back in 2022—tells Vogue that she will always make time in her busy schedule to take in the designer’s new collection. “I love going to Thom’s shows because there’s always an incredible story that he tells, and that’s on top of looking at all of his inspired designs,” she says. “Each garment that he showed could stand alone as a piece of art. The magic, the fit, the craftsmanship; he never ceases to amaze me.”

Janet Jackson’s Fashion Choice for the Event

Of course, Jackson had to bring her own artful ensemble to the front row for the occasion. The star wore a long, tailored black blazer complete with a classic white shirt and tie. She topped the look with a white lapel coat, and accessorized with a tweed briefcase and sky-high oxford platforms. The whole fit was very on theme for a Thom show—and very worthy of an A-lister. “Once again, he put on a tremendous show,” Jackson says of Browne’s theatrical presentation of his collection, which nodded to the dark world of American poet Edgar Allen Poe. “It was absolutely brilliant; he’s one of the very best to ever do it. He’s a genius.”


Janet Jackson’s surprise appearance at Thom Browne’s fall 2024 show added an extra touch of glamour and excitement to the already star-studded event. Her admiration for Browne’s designs and storytelling was evident, and her fashion choice for the evening perfectly complemented the atmosphere of the show. It’s clear that both Jackson and Browne share a mutual respect for each other’s creativity and talent, making their collaboration a true highlight of New York Fashion Week.

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