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Jet-Set Dreams: The Top 13 Destinations to Explore in 2024

The 13 Best Places to Travel in 2024

The 13 Best Places to Travel in 2024


Sifnos, Greece

  1. Under-the-radar Cycladic island with great food and pristine waters

  2. Home to Nikos Tselementes, founder of modern Greek cooking

  3. Notable restaurants: Omega 3 and Cantina

Grenada, the Caribbean

  1. Emerging Caribbean getaway with great rum and sandy beaches

  2. Attractions: St. George’s capital, Grand Etang National Park, underwater sculpture park

Big Sur, California

  1. Popular American road-trip destination with stunning Pacific views

  2. Boutique hotels: La Playa Hotel, Post Ranch Inn, Ventana Big Sur

Tangiers, Morocco

  1. Historic city with rich cultural heritage and colonial history

  2. Luxury hotels: Fairmont Tazi Palace, Villa Mabrouka

  3. Attractions: Souks, beaches, speakeasy-esque bars

Mustique, The Caribbean

  1. Exclusive Caribbean island known for quiet luxury

  2. Favorite escape of Princess Margaret

Biarritz, France

  1. Resurgence of beach town with new boutique hotels

  2. Notable events: Nouvelles Vagues film festival

Jeju Island, South Korea

  1. Beloved summer getaway with haenyeo divers and K-drama locations

  2. Luxury hotels: Seaes Hotel, JW Marriott Jeju Resort & Spa

Bodrum, Turkey

  1. Chic resort destination on the Turkish Riviera

  2. Luxury properties: The Bodrum Edition, Macakizi

  3. Upcoming arrival of Scorpios beach club


  1. Remote island with rich biodiversity and developing tourism industry

  2. Notable camps and beachside retreats


  1. Hidden gem in the Balkans with historic towns and natural treasures

  2. Growing luxury hotel offerings and wildlife experiences

Paris, France

  1. Host city of the 2024 Olympics with fashionably done athletic events

  2. New boutique hotels and cultural events

Galicia, Spain

  1. Secret paradise with breathtaking beaches and exclusive nature reserves

  2. Attractions: Rías Baixas, Islas Cíes, Santiago de Compostela

Fort Worth, Texas

  1. Cultural hotspot with cowboy flair and world-class museums

  2. Attractions: Fort Worth Stockyards, Bowie House hotel

Whether you’re seeking a relaxing beach getaway, a cultural exploration, or a nature-filled adventure, these 13 destinations offer something unique and special for your travels in 2024. Pack your bags and get ready to explore the world in style!

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