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Kendall Jenner’s Peplum Passion: A Stylish Affair

Kendall Jenner Is Team Peplum

Kendall Jenner Is Team Peplum


The Peplum Trend

Kendall Jenner is the latest fashion icon to embrace the peplum trend, showcasing how to effortlessly rock this style. The peplum, a design element that flares out from the waist, has been making a comeback in the fashion scene. Celebrities like Florence Pugh, Allison Williams, and Da’Vine Joy Randolph have all been spotted wearing peplum outfits at various events.

Kendall’s Stylish Look

Kendall Jenner, currently in Paris for a L’Oreal campaign, recently stepped out for dinner in a stunning red skirt suit. The impeccably tailored jacket featured a corset-like bodice with red buttons, a sharp collar, and a plunging neckline, all accentuated by a dramatic peplum detail at the waist. She paired the jacket with a red pencil skirt that added to the allure of the outfit.

The Outfit Details

  1. Jacket: Thierry Mugler’s fall 1988 collection, “Les Infernales”

  2. Accessories: Black rectangular shades and a black Gucci monogrammed shoulder bag

  3. Hairstyle: Hair swept up

  4. Makeup: Deep red lip

Kendall’s Fashion Influence

Kendall’s choice of vintage pieces, like the Thierry Mugler jacket, showcases her unique style and appreciation for fashion history. The androgynous yet feminine look she achieved with the peplum suit highlights her versatility and ability to pull off different aesthetics.

In Conclusion

Kendall Jenner’s bold fashion choices continue to inspire and set trends in the industry. Her embrace of the peplum trend reaffirms its place in contemporary fashion, proving that with the right styling, any design element can be modern and chic.

Stay tuned for more fashion updates and style inspo!

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