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Kim K’s Cybertruck Chronicles: The Social Media Storm

Kim Kardashian Posted Her Cybertruck, and the People Are Rioting in the Comments

Kim Kardashian Posted Her Cybertruck, and the People Are Rioting in the Comments


The Backlash

No one has ever accused Kim Kardashian of being overly in touch with the common folk, but her March 4 Instagram grid post sparked a particularly loud backlash, even for her. The reality star uploaded a picture of her private jet parked right behind her Tesla Cybertruck, which retails for up to $96,390, with only emoji of an alien and a purple alien monster in the caption. But this ostentatious display of wealth didn’t go over as well as she probably had planned.

Public Outcry

Quoting an iconic line from Kim’s own sister Kourtney, one commenter wrote, “There’s people dying, Kim.” Another person commented, “Yes, while our economy is in the shit hole, let’s brag about our riches.” Many criticized the environmental impact of private jets and the insensitivity of flaunting such wealth during tough times.

Recurring Criticism

This is not the first time Kim Kardashian has faced backlash for showcasing her wealth. From extravagant Halloween decorations to expensive medical procedures, she has been accused of being out of touch with reality.


Despite the negative reactions, Kim Kardashian continues to share her lavish lifestyle on social media, raising questions about the role of wealth and fame in today’s society.

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