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Lost Memories: Candice Bergen Reflects on the Black and White Ball

Was the Black and White Ball Actually Fun? – A Candid Conversation with Candice Bergen

Was the Black and White Ball Actually Fun? – A Candid Conversation with Candice Bergen


On a brisk November night in 1966, a 20-year-old model who had recently dropped out of college went to a ball. The ball, of course, was Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball at The Plaza Hotel, and the young cygnet was none other than Candice Bergen. This legendary event has intrigued many, with its mystique and glamour still capturing the imagination of fashion enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

The Conversation

Preparations and Invitations

  1. Candice inherited the iconic bunny mask from Marisa Berenson

  2. The invitation process was shrouded in mystery

The Attire

  1. Candice wore a black velvet column dress with white mink trim

  2. The ensemble was completed with a large bunny mask, designed by Halston

The Event Itself

  1. The ball was attended by 540 guests

  2. Candice danced with notable figures like Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Norman Mailer

  3. Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow also made an appearance

Post-Ball Reflection

  1. Candice recalls the intense self-consciousness and scrutiny at the event

  2. Despite the hype, Candice admits that the ball was not the best party she had attended


Reflecting on the Black and White Ball through the eyes of Candice Bergen provides a unique perspective on this historic event. While it may have been hailed as the party of the century, the reality of the evening was a mix of glamour, nerves, and a touch of disappointment. The legacy of the ball lives on, immortalized in photographs and memories, but for Candice, it was just one night in a whirlwind career filled with unforgettable moments.

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