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Love in the Limelight: The Tale of Amy Cortés and Johnny McIntyre’s Relationship Status Reveal

Love Is Blind Season 6: Are Amy Cortés and Johnny McIntyre Still Together?

Love Is Blind Season 6: Are Amy Cortés and Johnny McIntyre Still Together?


Meet the Couple

Amy Cortés, 28, an e-commerce specialist with a musical side, and Johnny McIntyre, also 28, an account executive, were the first couple to get engaged in the pods on Love Is Blind Season 6.

Their Love Story

McIntyre and Cortés immediately connected over shared interests like anime and their focus on family. Their journey on the show has been relatively smooth compared to the drama of other couples.

Challenges Faced

  1. Birth Control Concerns: McIntyre’s worries about an accidental pregnancy due to Cortés not being on birth control stirred conversation among viewers.

  2. Communication: The couple openly discussed their concerns and were committed to finding solutions together.

Wedding Bells

McIntyre and Cortés were the only couple from Season 6 to say “I do” at the altar. Their drama-free wedding left fans rooting for their happily ever after.

Are They Still Together?

The season six reunion on March 13 will reveal if McIntyre and Cortés are still together. Their affectionate Instagram posts hint at a continued strong bond.

Stay tuned for updates on this love story!

Johnny and Amy on Love is Blind are talking about how they can’t have sex because she’s not on birth control and have to figure out a solution for it like condoms don’t exist???? — kayla (@kaylafavia) February 21, 2024

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