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Love Unveiled: The Latest on Brittany Mills and Kenneth Gorham’s Relationship Status in Season

Love Is Blind Season 6: Are Brittany Mills and Kenneth Gorham Still Together?

Love Is Blind Season 6: Are Brittany Mills and Kenneth Gorham Still Together?



Love Is Blind season 6 has been full of twists and turns, and one couple that caught the viewers’ attention was Brittany Mills and Kenneth Gorham. Let’s delve into their journey and find out if they are still together.

Who are they?

  1. Brittany Mills: A 25-year-old senior client partner from Charlotte, North Carolina. She joined the Love Is Blind experiment to find a genuine connection and is a strong Christian.

  2. Kenneth Gorham: A 26-year-old middle school principal who values his relationship with God and family above all else.

What went down on the show?

Mills and Gorham hit it off in the pods, bonding over shared experiences and their faith. However, once they stepped out into the real world, their relationship faced challenges. The couple struggled to maintain their connection, ultimately leading to a breakup by episode 8.

Reasons for the breakup

According to Gorham, the accelerated timeline of the show made it difficult for them to fully commit to each other. Mills also mentioned that the intensity of their relationship in the pods didn’t translate well once they returned home.


Despite parting ways, Mills and Gorham ended their relationship amicably with a hug. They both expressed well wishes for each other’s future endeavors.

Support System

Mills found comfort in her friends, hosting a girls’ get-together to watch the season. She is surrounded by a supportive circle as she moves forward.

Are they still together?

Unfortunately, Mills and Gorham did not end up getting married on the show and are not together currently. While their romance didn’t last, we hope they find happiness in their individual journeys.

This story may be updated.

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