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Martha Stewart’s Commando Style: A Peek into Her Unconventional Wardrobe Choices

Martha Stewart Doesn’t Wear Underwear, in Case You Were Wondering

Martha Stewart Doesn’t Wear Underwear, in Case You Were Wondering


Martha Stewart’s Unconventional Fashion Choices

Move over, Kim Kardashian! Martha Stewart, the 82-year-old selfie queen, has made quite a revelation in a recent interview with Page Six. She disclosed her unique preference of not wearing underwear and opts for swimsuits as her undergarments instead. Stewart expressed her love for bathing suits and how she wears them under her clothes, just in case she decides to take a spontaneous dive into a body of water.

Stewart’s Stance on Undergarments

Stewart made it clear that she steers clear of structured undergarments, tight lace, and even the popular Skims brand. Despite her admiration for Skims and acknowledging their purpose, she exclusively chooses Eres bathing suits to wear under her outfits.

Martha Stewart and Age-Defying Beauty

At 81, Martha Stewart made history as the oldest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover star. While she embraces her age, Stewart doesn’t want to look it. In her cover story, she revealed her approach to maintaining her youthful appearance, including exercise, a healthy diet, and subtle cosmetic enhancements like injectables and face fillers.

Stewart’s Secret to Ageless Beauty

Martha Stewart emphasized the importance of her lifestyle choices in preserving her youthfulness. She prioritizes regular exercise, a balanced diet, and avoids fad diets or shortcuts. By focusing on her well-being and making mindful choices, Stewart has managed to maintain a vibrant and timeless beauty.

In Conclusion

Martha Stewart’s unconventional fashion choices and commitment to age-defying beauty serve as a reminder that style and confidence have no age limit. Embracing one’s individuality and making choices that align with personal preferences are key to feeling comfortable and empowered in one’s skin.

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