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Mastering the Art of Patience: Drawing Inspiration from Ruth Laskey’s Exquisite Weavings

Ruth Laskey’s Exquisite Weavings: A Deep Dive Into Patience and Artistry

Ruth Laskey’s Exquisite Weavings: A Deep Dive Into Patience and Artistry


The Art of Patience

Renowned artist Ruth Laskey’s latest weaving series is a testament to the beauty of patience and meticulous artistry. With a process that spans over a year for each piece, Laskey’s dedication to her craft is truly inspiring.

The Methodical Process

Laskey’s process is deliberate and methodical. From hand-dyeing and measuring threads to meticulously weaving each image thread by thread, every step is a labor of love. The final reveal only happens once the entire series is complete, emphasizing the slow and thoughtful nature of her work.

From Painter to Weaver

Originally trained as a painter, Laskey found her true calling in weaving. Her Twill series, which she started in 2005, showcases exquisitely plaited, abstract textiles created through a carefully considered process.

The Exhibition

Laskey’s latest exhibition at Altman Siegel in San Francisco features her Loops and Circles series, highlighting the interplay between the two bodies of work. The textiles exude both playfulness and sincerity, with intricate designs that reveal their complexity up close.

Form and Geometry

Laskey’s work is deeply rooted in form and geometry. She meticulously plans her designs on a grid, showcasing a mastery of calculation and precision. Despite the mathematical challenges, her pieces exude fluidity and movement, transcending their initial constraints.

Elevating Craft to Art

Laskey follows a lineage of women artists who have elevated craft to the realm of high art. Her work pays homage to the reverence for material of artists like Anni Albers and the minimalism of Agnes Martin, while also embodying a sculptural quality that sets her pieces apart.

A Reflection on Process

For Laskey, the completion of a piece is a bittersweet moment. While she feels a sense of accomplishment in seeing her work come to fruition, she also mourns the end of the painstaking process that sustains her as an artist.


Ruth Laskey’s weavings are not just textiles; they are expressions of patience, artistry, and dedication. Through her meticulous process and deep reverence for her craft, Laskey invites viewers to slow down and appreciate the beauty of simplicity in a world that often moves too quickly.

Experience the mesmerizing world of Ruth Laskey’s weavings at the Altman Siegel gallery in San Francisco, on view through April 20, 2024.

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