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Mastering Winter Style: 6 Expert Layering Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Achieve Editor-Worthy Winter Style With These 6 Layering Tips and Tricks

Achieve Editor-Worthy Winter Style With These 6 Layering Tips and Tricks

Winter fashion doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style for warmth. Gone are the days of bulky, unflattering layers. With some clever styling, you can stay toasty while looking effortlessly chic. Whether braving the city’s chill or simply looking to elevate your cold-weather wardrobe, our editor-approved layering tips and tricks will have you covered.

1. Miniskirts + Black Tights

Revitalize your winter wardrobe by pairing black tights with a statement miniskirt. This timeless combo allows for both warmth and style. Opt for a cozy sweater or a slim-fitting turtleneck to complete the look. Elevate the ensemble with knee-high boots or preppy loafers, and don’t forget to layer with a stylish coat.

Editor’s Picks:

  1. Pixie Market Faux Fur Coat

  2. Róhe Merino Wool Turtleneck Sweater

  3. Loulou Studio Wool Mini Wrap Skirt

  4. Falke Pure Matt Tights

2. Maxi Dresses + Onesie

Don’t store away your favorite dresses just yet. Layer them over a seamless onesie to keep the elegance of your maxi dresses while staying warm. This trick ensures your dresses can make a stylish transition into winter.

Shop The Look:

  1. Victoria Beckham Asymmetric Midi Dress

  2. Éterne Henley Onesie

3. Turtlenecks + Made-to-Show Socks

Transform your footwear for the colder months by pairing them with stylish socks. Layering turtlenecks under sweaters or jackets adds an extra dimension to your outfit while keeping you warm.

Winter Essentials:

  1. Everlane The Supima® Micro-Rib Turtleneck

  2. Lafayette 148 Cashmere Socks

4. Longline Coats + Barely-There Pumps

Ankle-length coats are your best friend for winter. They offer warmth without hiding your outfit. Pair them with chic pumps for a sophisticated look that’s winter-appropriate.


  1. Raey Martingale-belt Longline Wool Tuxedo Coat

  2. Totême The Cutout Loafers

5. Long-Sleeve Layers + Chunky Knits

Opt for a practical yet stylish approach with long-sleeve bases under chunky knits. This allows for easy adjustments based on indoor and outdoor temperatures, ensuring comfort and style throughout the day.

Cozy Picks:

  1. Loulou Studio Cotton-Blend Bouclé Sweater

  2. Buck Mason Cloud Jersey Slim Crew

6. Oversize Coats

An oversized coat not only provides ample warmth but also offers a trendy, cozy look. Larger fits accommodate multiple layers underneath without compromising on style.

Top Selections:

  1. Stand Studio Faux Shearling Coat

  2. Balenciaga Faux-Fur Coat

By incorporating these layering tips and tricks into your winter wardrobe, you can achieve a stylish, editor-worthy look without sacrificing comfort or warmth. Embrace the season with confidence and sartorial flair.

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