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Millie Bobby Brown’s Pimple Patch Chic: A Makeup-Free Moment with Drew Barrymore

Millie Bobby Brown Wore a Pimple Patch and No Makeup on Drew Barrymore

Millie Bobby Brown Wore a Pimple Patch and No Makeup on Drew Barrymore

GRWM Vibes on The Drew Barrymore Show

Millie Bobby Brown recently made a cozy and relatable appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, embracing a laid-back ‘Get Ready With Me’ vibe that we can all appreciate.

The slumber party feels were palpable on the March 7 episode as Brown and Barrymore cozied up on a couch in matching purple sweats. Brown, aged 20, confidently rocked a makeup-free look and even sported a butterfly-shaped pimple patch to cover a breakout.

Accessorizing the Comfy Look

Despite the casual attire, Brown didn’t shy away from adding a touch of glamour to her ensemble. She accessorized her laid-back outfit with a bold choker necklace featuring several strands of pearls and a blue heart-shaped pendant. Additionally, she adorned herself with statement diamond-and-sapphire earrings paired with a matching ring, exuding effortless elegance.

20th Birthday Revelations

During the show, Barrymore delved into Brown’s recent 20th birthday celebration. Brown shared that her birthday party had a wedding theme, hinting at her engagement, and doubled as a bachelorette party. Despite mentioning that she doesn’t typically party and lacks many girlfriends, Brown’s birthday bash was anything but ordinary.

Images shared on Brown’s Instagram showcased her in a white minidress, a chic updo, and dazzling diamond earrings, painting a picture of a memorable and unique celebration.

Celebrating Friendship with Drew Barrymore

Although Brown confessed to not having many girlfriends, her chemistry with Drew Barrymore on the show was evident. The two stars shared a heartwarming moment, possibly culminating in a fun sing-along with a hairbrush, showcasing the power of newfound friendships and shared experiences.

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