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Monica Lewinsky’s Guide to Voting in Style: Make Your Voice Heard and Look Fabulous!

Monica Lewinsky Wants You to Vote—And Look Good Doing It

Monica Lewinsky Wants You to Vote—And Look Good Doing It

Monica Lewinsky, a figure known for various roles in the public eye, has taken on a new endeavor as the face of a fashion campaign. As Americans gear up for the consequential 2024 presidential election, Lewinsky has partnered with Reformation to launch a workwear collection with a noble purpose.

The Fashion Campaign

The collaboration between Monica Lewinsky and Reformation aims to encourage voters to make their voices heard at the polls. In a press release, the brand emphasizes the importance of not just wearing a powerful outfit, but using that empowerment to take action, stating, “A powerful outfit alone isn’t going to create a more perfect union, but putting it on and going to the polls is a damn good place to start.”

  1. Reformation has developed a landing page in partnership with to facilitate voter registration.

  2. All proceeds from the limited edition “you’ve got the power” sweatshirt will be donated to’s efforts.

The Collection

In the campaign images shot by Zoey Grossman, Monica Lewinsky showcases workwear essentials such as a relaxed blazer, a leather trench coat, and the Monica crossbody bag. While unconventional as a campaign model, Reformation’s chief creative officer, Lauren Caris Cohan, expresses that Lewinsky was the perfect choice for this initiative.

Lauren Caris Cohan’s Words

Cohan states, “We wanted to do something fresh that evoked an emotional response and helped propel people into motion. Once I had the idea of working with Monica, she was the only person we could imagine collaborating with. I had seen her TED Talk years ago and kept up with her work and writing—she really lives what it means to embrace your power.”

Monica Lewinsky’s Perspective

Now 50, Monica Lewinsky believes in the power of using her voice as an empowered woman. She highlights the significance of voting in the upcoming election, particularly in a time where voter frustration and apathy may impact turnout. Lewinsky expresses her excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to work with Reformation in urging people to register, speak up, and vote.

In an interview with Elle, Lewinsky shares her thoughts on turning 50 and the acceptance she has found in this new decade of her life. She reflects on the journey of self-acceptance and hopefulness, despite facing past trauma.

Monica Lewinsky’s involvement in this campaign not only showcases her resilience and empowerment but also underscores the importance of civic engagement and using one’s voice to drive positive change.

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