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New Louis Vuitton Speaker: The Best Luxury Speaker You Can Get

The new Louis Vuitton speaker symbolizes the spirit of travel by making an emotional connection to the magical, unknown space to a reality. Aux baffles are shaped into three different forms to ensure a unique sound that has become a signature of the LV Spe Experience the thrill of the ride with the new Louis Vuitton Speakers.

What is the new Louis Vuitton Speaker?

The Louis Vuitton speaker is a Bluetooth speaker with an ultra-luxurious design. New Louis Vuitton speaker has a double side leather arm with a silicon gripper to protect the speaker during transportation. The volume of the speaker can be easily controlled with one hand. The only cables needed are USB power cable and audio cable. The Louis Vuitton speaker is the ideal partner to hold hands or share a kiss. Its diamond pattern on the leather cover transports you to a magical, unknown space in a world of endless possibilities. Aux baffles have been shaped in three different forms. This allows the sound to be varied in a unique and luxurious way. Who is Louis Vuitton Speakers For?

Why you should get it

In a world of low-quality, high-priced audio solutions, Louis Vuitton has created a beautifully designed, open-source speaker that never gets old. The new LV Speakers was inspired by the shell of the Louis Vuitton travel case to offer a structure to surround you with. You can find it in Louis Vuitton stores in March 2019. Aux Brackets Aux Brackets were initially used to anchor the LV Speakers to the wall, but now, it's been proven to be the perfect means to connect them. Stable in vertical or horizontal positions, the Aux Brackets will accompany you through your travels from city to city. The LV Speakers is a perfect complement for a bedroom and bathroom, a well-equipped dining room, an office and a home theater. Price & Availability The LV Speakers was produced by LV Creative.

Some features of the speaker

Feel the whisper: Aux baffles are shaped in three different forms to ensure a unique sound experience that has become a signature of Louis Vuitton. There is the hand-painted, hard-turquoise perforated hearth, which allows for different combinations of colors. The turquoise face with black accents continues into the arms that hold the screen. The digital map of the earth continues the pattern of the hearth. Like the heart-shaped mirror, which becomes a speaker itself, the map seamlessly becomes the speaker. Express your love: Inspired by the French patina, the speaker is crafted in reclaimed blackened bronze. An emblem of the future, the shape includes polished iron and the LV monogram. The delicate resonance of the dial is a message of love in miniature.

How to buy it

The first LV Speakers, the LEXAL 300BT, available in yellow/gold or black/gold are a must-have for the Louis Vuitton fan. The exclusive LV Speakers will retail for 250,000 CHF and can be purchased from the Louis Vuitton stores across

the world.

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