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Paris Fashion Week Stunner: The Kate Moss Doppelgänger that Turned Heads

A Kate Moss Look-Alike Confused Everyone at Paris Fashion Week

A Kate Moss Look-Alike Confused Everyone at Paris Fashion Week


The Dupes Taking Over Paris Fashion Week

The fashion world was left in awe at the Marine Serre fall-winter 2024 fashion show in Paris when a model resembling the iconic Kate Moss strutted down the runway. However, it wasn’t the legendary English model herself but Denise Ohnona, a look-alike who has cleverly carved her own path in the industry.

The Not-So-Kate Moss

Denise Ohnona, known for her striking resemblance to Kate Moss, goes by the Instagram handle @iamnotkatemoss. She uses her uncanny similarity to Moss to recreate the model’s signature style and create captivating paparazzi moments.

Embracing Celebrity Look-alikes

This trend of celebrity doppelgängers doesn’t stop at Denise Ohnona. It seems like making a living out of resembling famous personalities is becoming a thing. From a Margot Robbie cosplayer to an Ariana Grande lookalike, and even a Taylor Swift duplicate, the world of celebrity duplicates is expanding.

Good for Ohnona?

While some may question the ethics of capitalizing on someone else’s likeness, hiring a look-alike for modeling purposes adds a unique twist to the industry. For Denise Ohnona, it’s a creative way to showcase her modeling skills while paying homage to Kate Moss’s iconic image.

Kate Moss at Paris Fashion Week

Meanwhile, the real Kate Moss was also present at Paris Fashion Week, attending the Saint Laurent show alongside her daughter Lila. Despite the confusion caused by Ohnona’s appearance, Moss remains a timeless fashion icon, with her daughter following in her footsteps on the runway.

It’s safe to say that while Kate Moss may not find humor in these shenanigans, her legacy in the fashion world continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

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