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Parisian Chic: A Look Back at Paris Fashion Week and Stylist Danielle Goldberg’s Red Carpet Pr

Paris Fashion Week Highlights—Meet Stylist Danielle Goldberg

Paris Fashion Week Highlights—Meet Stylist Danielle Goldberg


Stylist Danielle Goldberg Preps for the Oscars

Ahead of the Academy Awards ceremony, Chloe and Leah Faye Cooper sat down with stylist Danielle Goldberg to discuss dressing some of today’s biggest It girls for awards season. Danielle, known for her chic red carpet looks, has styled Ayo Edebiri, Greta Lee, Olivia Rodrigo, Kaia Gerber, and more. Her meticulous approach, knowledge of designer collections, passion for vintage, and eye for tailoring have created standout red carpet moments.

Danielle’s Background and Influences

Danielle comes from a stylish family, with both her sisters being influencers. She credits her parents and grandfather as her early style inspirations. Starting as an intern at a fashion magazine after a chance encounter, Danielle’s editorial experience has shaped her celebrity-styling career.

Design Aspirations?

During the conversation, the question arises about Danielle’s interest in designing, leaving listeners curious about her potential future ventures in the fashion industry.

Paris Fashion Week Recap

In the latest episode of The Run-Through podcast, Chioma, Nicole Phelps, and Laura Ingham discuss the highlights and trends of Paris Fashion Week as the fashion month draws to a close.

Key Highlights

  1. Utilitarian boots are back in trend.

  2. Female pleasure themes seen in collections like Hermès and Coperni.

  3. Rave reviews for the Miu Miu show and its diverse cast.

  4. Balenciaga’s comeback and the unique bra-dress designs.

  5. Designer debuts from Chemena Kamali at Chloé and Sean McGirr at Alexander McQueen.

Notable Shows

The group praises Jun Takahashi’s Undercover show for its tribute to working mothers and discusses the mixed reactions to the Alexander McQueen collection.

Red Carpet Speculations

As the Oscars approach, there are speculations on the standout dresses that might grace the red carpet in Los Angeles.

Stay tuned for more fashion insights and trends!

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