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Parisian Chic: Embracing the Top 3 Beauty Trends from Fashion Week

The 3 Beauty Trends from Paris Fashion Week We’re Trying Now

The 3 Beauty Trends from Paris Fashion Week We’re Trying Now


Boho Hair

Paris Fashion Week showcased a revival of boho chic, with designers embracing loosened, air-dried hair for a relaxed yet stylish look. Chemena Kamali’s show at Chloé and the tousled waves at Isabel Marant captured the essence of this trend. Alexander McQueen also featured extra-long, center-parted hair reminiscent of the signature Bella Baxter style, while Louis Vuitton embraced middle parts and rumpled waves.

Featured Designers:

  1. Chloé

  2. Isabel Marant

  3. Alexander McQueen

  4. Louis Vuitton

Unexpected Color

Paris Fashion Week saw a bold display of vivid hues in both hair and makeup. Loewe’s neon bangs and Peter Philips’ use of hot pink in the eyes created striking looks. Hermès introduced burgundy lashes for a subtle yet impactful touch, adding a unique twist to the traditional beauty standards.

Featured Designers:

  1. Loewe

  2. Dior

  3. Hermès

No Bad Hair Days

Say goodbye to bad hair days with the latest trend in hair accessories. From stylish hats inspired by Chanel to Saint Laurent’s elegant wraps, there is a variety of options to elevate your look. Anna Sui also showcased the use of scarves as a chic accessory, proving that there is a hair accessory for every style preference.

Featured Designers:

  1. Saint Laurent

  2. Chanel

  3. Anna Sui

Paris Fashion Week not only set the stage for the upcoming fall season’s fashion trends but also introduced us to these three beauty trends that are worth trying now. Whether you opt for boho hair, experiment with unexpected colors, or accessorize for a flawless finish, there is something for everyone to explore and incorporate into their beauty routine.

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