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Parisian Chic: Lacoste’s Triumphant Return with Pelagia Kolotouros

Lacoste Bounces Back Into Paris Under Pelagia Kolotouros

Lacoste Bounces Back Into Paris Under Pelagia Kolotouros

After more than two years out of the game, the Swiss-owned French heritage tennis label Lacoste—the one with the crocodile, of course—bounced back into Paris this afternoon with a show served up at Stade Roland Garros. Leading Lacoste’s return is Pelagia Kolotouros, a career pro on the fashion circuit.

Pelagia Kolotouros: A Fashion Pro

Pelagia Kolotouros has an impressive background in the fashion industry, having worked with brands like Beyoncé’s Ivy Park, Yeezy, Pharrell’s Adidas collaborations, and The North Face. Her experience and expertise bring a fresh perspective to Lacoste’s revival in Paris.

Lacoste’s Fashion Comeback

On a day filled with major fashion shows during Paris Fashion Week, Lacoste’s return was a standout event. The collection showcased a blend of tennis heritage and modern fashion trends, paying homage to founder René Lacoste’s legacy.

Collection Highlights

  1. Easter eggs referencing René Lacoste’s story

  2. Croc-effect briefcases inspired by Lacoste’s nickname

  3. Tennis-themed prints on dresses and T-shirts

  4. Materials and textures reminiscent of tennis elements

  5. Vintage-inspired polo shirts and cricket sweaters

The Unique Position of Lacoste

Lacoste stands out as a luxury brand deeply rooted in the world of tennis. The challenge lies in balancing this sporting heritage with contemporary fashion trends. Pelagia Kolotouros’s debut collection for Lacoste shows promise in striking this balance and creating a compelling narrative.

Future Plans for Lacoste

With the buzz around the latest collection and the brand’s strategic marketing efforts, including Lacoste sneaker ads and plans for a flagship store in Manhattan, it’s clear that Lacoste is committed to making a mark in the fashion industry under Pelagia Kolotouros’s leadership.

Overall, Lacoste’s return to Paris under Pelagia Kolotouros marks an exciting chapter for the brand, blending tennis heritage with contemporary fashion in a compelling way.

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