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Pat McGrath Reveals the Secrets Behind the Margiela Look That Stole Couture Week

Pat McGrath Breaks Down The Margiela Look That Won Couture Week

Pat McGrath Breaks Down The Margiela Look That Won Couture Week

The Mastermind Behind the Look

The beauty world has been abuzz since the unveiling of a groundbreaking look at the Margiela Artisanal show in Paris. Created by none other than makeup maestro Pat McGrath for John Galliano’s collection, it was a dive into the romantic and gritty glamour of 1930s Paris, showcasing fashion as a true form of art. McGrath, with her unparalleled creativity, crafted a beauty look that has since been the talk of the town, especially for its mannequin-like skin finish.

A Storied Collaboration

Decades of Creative Synergy

The partnership between McGrath and Galliano is not new; it dates back to the early 2000s, producing iconic moments for Dior shows. McGrath admires Galliano’s fearless creativity, which was fully expressed in their latest collaboration, blending cinematic, historical, and futuristic elements. This show was a nostalgic journey for McGrath, reminiscent of their past backstage beauty moments.

The Technique Behind the Look

Artistry and Alchemy Combined

The creation of the porcelain-like finish was no small feat, involving a mix of several ingredients and technical artistry. McGrath shares her love for being an alchemist, which shines through in her brand’s innovative products. The challenge was to achieve a reflective glass finish without affecting the underlying makeup. McGrath hints at a future product launch, inspired by the reaction to the show, that will allow everyone to achieve this glass-like finish at home.

Achieving the Margiela Look at Home

Product Recommendations from Pat McGrath Herself

  1. Skin Fetish Cheek Balm: For a dewy, glass-like cheekbone finish.

  2. The Serum Foundation: Offers a serum-like finish with buildable glow.

  3. Blurring Powder: Sets makeup for a mask-like, luminous finish.

McGrath emphasizes the transformative power of the glass-skin effect and desires for everyone to experience this surreal luminosity in their daily beauty routine.

Stay Tuned for More Insights

Pat McGrath will be sharing a detailed breakdown of how she created the iconic Margiela look on her TikTok this Friday. This will include the full makeup look before the top layer application, offering fans and beauty enthusiasts a chance to recreate this masterpiece.

Final Thoughts

The Margiela look by Pat McGrath wasn’t just a beauty trend; it was a statement, a blend of past, present, and future elements of fashion and makeup artistry. It’s a testament to McGrath’s genius and her ability to inspire and revolutionize the beauty industry. As we await the release of her new product, one thing is clear: the impact of this look will be felt for a long time to come.

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