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Red Carpet Showdown: Margot Robbie’s Mugler Oscars After-Party Look vs. Zendaya’s Gynoid

Margot Robbie’s Mugler Oscars After-Party Look

Margot Robbie’s Mugler Oscars After-Party Look Rivals Zendaya’s Gynoid Suit



Margot Robbie has truly embraced the world of high fashion, transitioning from a Chanel darling to a daring fashion icon in a short span of time. Her recent appearance at the Oscars after-party has solidified her reputation as a trendsetter in the industry.

The Stylist’s Influence

Barbie and stylist Andrew Mukamal have played pivotal roles in shaping Margot Robbie’s bold fashion choices. Mukamal’s knack for sourcing headline-making pieces, such as those from Vivienne Westwood’s Pirate collection, has elevated Robbie’s style to new heights.

The Mugler Moment

For the Oscars after-party, Mukamal turned to Mugler to create a standout look for Robbie. Drawing inspiration from Mugler’s avant-garde designs, Robbie’s ensemble exuded glamour and sophistication.

Robbie’s Look

Robbie’s outfit, featuring a gold corset adorned with iridescent beads, paid homage to Thierry Mugler’s visionary creations. The addition of a brown satin cover-up and gladiator-style heels added depth and complexity to the ensemble.

Comparison to Zendaya’s Gynoid Suit

Zendaya’s previous collaboration with Mugler during the Dune: Part Two promo tour brought the fashion house back into the spotlight. Robbie’s after-party look served as a fresh follow-up to Zendaya’s iconic gynoid suit, showcasing Mugler’s timeless appeal.


Margot Robbie’s bold fashion choices and commitment to pushing sartorial boundaries have solidified her status as a fashion icon. Her Mugler Oscars after-party look stands as a testament to her style evolution and willingness to embrace daring, avant-garde designs.

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