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Reviving ’90s Downtown Style: Statement Jewelry Inspiration from an Icon

Statement Jewelry From the Woman Who Shaped ’90s Downtown Style

Statement Jewelry From the Woman Who Shaped ’90s Downtown Style

For those who lived the zenith of New York’s fashion scene in the ’90s, the name Spooly D’s evokes a cache of memories—of a time when fashion was as much about discovery as it was about dressing. Behind this legendary boutique was Julie Hollander, a name synonymous with the undercurrents of downtown chic. From her beginnings in fashion’s backstage to her current venture into the world of statement jewelry, Hollander’s journey is a testament to her enduring influence on New York’s style landscape.

The Rise of Spooly D’s

Located at the crossroads of Lafayette and Bleecker, Spooly D’s was more than just a store—it was a portal to the pulse of ’90s downtown fashion. Julie Hollander, the mastermind behind this iconic boutique, curated a collection that perfectly balanced indie labels, vintage treasures, and the emerging street style scene. Spooly D’s became the go-to spot for fashion aficionados seeking unique pieces that stood apart from the mainstream.

The Transition to Jewelry Making

After the closure of Spooly D’s in 2007, Hollander took a step back from the frontlines of fashion retail and ventured into a more personal project—jewelry making. Starting with crystal malas and endless knots, her craft evolved into creating exquisite, custom pieces that captured the essence of her unique aesthetic. Today, her brand, Bowen NYC, named after her grandmother, is a beacon of bespoke jewelry, merging New York’s edgy vibe with refined elegance.

The Signature Style of Bowen NYC

Bowen NYC is a celebration of Julie Hollander’s lifetime of style influences, from the gritty glamor of downtown New York to the spiritual symbols that guide her creative process. Her collections are a testament to her multifaceted perspective on fashion and beauty.

Urban Elegance Meets Spiritual Whimsy

  1. Manhattan’s Twinkle: The blackened silver chains and bracelets that mimic the city’s skyline.

  2. 1980s Mudd Club Vibes: Bracelets in 18k gold, lacquered with vibrant colors reminiscent of the era’s iconic fashion.

  3. Spiritual Symbols: Pieces like the Ganesha’s Tusk amethyst pendant and the Harmony pendant, designed to imbue the wearer with positive energies.

A Palette of Green

Recently, Hollander has been drawn to the color green, incorporating green tourmalines into many of her designs. This choice isn’t just aesthetic—it’s a reflection of her connection to nature and the belief in the stone’s empowering properties.

Where to Find Bowen NYC’s Statement Pieces

Julie Hollander’s journey from the heart of ’90s downtown fashion to the creation of Bowen NYC’s statement jewelry is a narrative of passion, creativity, and resilience. Her pieces are more than just accessories; they are a piece of New York’s fashion history, imbued with stories and a spirit of individuality.

For those looking to own a piece of this legacy, Bowen NYC’s collections are available for discovery. Each piece promises not just a touch of glamour but a whisper of New York’s indomitable spirit.

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