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Selena Gomez Masters the Dark Romance Look by Fusing 6 Top Trends

Selena Gomez Nailed the Gothic Coquette Aesthetic by Combining at Least 6 Popular Trends

Selena Gomez Nailed the Gothic Coquette Aesthetic by Combining at Least 6 Popular Trends


Do opposites attract? Selena Gomez’s answer is yes. Just when we thought the coquette trend had reached its peak, Selena Gomez leveled up the aesthetic with gothic reminiscences. The mix of escapism, historicism, and overt femininity combined with nostalgia have made the coquette aesthetic one of the most viral trends of 2024. TikTok was the social network in charge of viralizing this penchant for bows, pastel shades, romantic necklines, and corseted designs—a look that has also been fueled by other signals, such as Sofia Coppola films and the influence of singers like Lana Del Rey or Taylor Swift. In short, the season’s most charming trend is still in full swing.

Selena Gomez’s Gothic Coquette Look

Selena Gomez reinterpreted the coquette aesthetic with a certain gothic mood by combining feminine silhouettes and accessories in head-to-toe black. She was seen at Jimmy Kimmel Live on February 23, 2024, in Los Angeles.

Micro Trends Utilized by Selena Gomez

  1. Three-dimensional flowers: The most architectural part of the design is the single large rosette on her right shoulder on a leather-effect jacket.

  2. The sheer trend: Gomez opted for a semi-transparent top with a Versace print, deviating from the exposed underwear trend.

  3. A balloon skirt: Denoting the return of the silhouette loved back in 2010.

  4. Over-the-knee boots: A surprising comeback among the fall-winter 2023–2024 boot trends.

  5. A belt: This accessory aids in achieving a marked waistline while dressing in layers.

  6. A black hair ribbon: Gomez chose a black ribbon to facilitate her half updo, a favorite hair accessory among the fashion-savvy.


Selena Gomez’s innovative blend of the coquette and gothic aesthetics showcases her fashion-forward approach. By incorporating several micro-trends into her look, she has set a new standard for style in 2024. It’s clear that opposites do attract, especially when it comes to fashion.

This article was originally published in Vogue Spain.

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