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Selena Gomez Revives a ’00s Nails Trend: Get the Look with Her Latest Manicure!

Selena Gomez Is Resurrecting This ’00s Nails Trend With Her Latest Manicure

Selena Gomez Is Resurrecting This ’00s Nails Trend With Her Latest Manicure


What do Selena Gomez and her best friend Taylor Swift have in common? Probably a lot (they’re BFFs after all!) but they also seem to be swapping beauty and style tips. After Gomez was seen wearing the same Reformation pullover as Swift, it seems she has also copied Swift’s recent mani of choice: long square nails. After the Chiefs won the AFC Championship game on January 28, Swift showed off a square sparkling set while kissing boyfriend Travis Kelce on the football field. Gomez has seemingly co-signed the trend, debuting a bold, square French mani in a music video for her new single “Love On.”

The ’00s Nails Trend

The style is so retro it could have come straight off the set of (the original) Mean Girls. Celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik created the look for Gomez and appropriately dubbed it the “Love On” French mani. Bachik describes it as “an exaggerated french to play into the chateau vibe of the video.”

How to Get the Look

  1. Prep the nails with Tweezerman x Tom Bachik Ultimate Nail Care Set

  2. Apply a full-coverage tip for length and shape

  3. Use Essie’s sheer pink Mademoiselle polish for a clean fresh base

  4. Create the French tip using Essie nail polish in Blanc

  5. Finish with Essie Gel Couture Top Coat for a glossy finish

Obviously, Bachik understood the assignment and delivered a stunning retro-inspired manicure. Regina George would definitely approve!

Selena Gomez, 2024

Regina George, 2004

Danielle Sinay is the associate beauty editor at Glamour. Follow her on Instagram @daniellesinay.

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