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Slumber in Style: The Top Sleepwear Brands for a Luxurious Night’s Rest

The 25 Best Sleepwear Brands for Slumbering in Style

The 25 Best Sleepwear Brands for Slumbering in Style

Vogue’s Favorite Sleepwear Brands, at a Glance:

The Silk Set: Lunya

Washable silk short pajamas, $198

The Buttery Soft Set: The Sleep Code

Floral long PJ set, $158

The Perfect Stripe Set: Lake

Weekend bundle, $148

The Classic Piped Set: Eberjey

Gisele pajama set, $138

The One-Piece Pair: Cuyana

Sleep jumpsuit, $158

The Family-Friendly Affair: Gap

Modal pajama top, $19


The best sleepwear brands make a good night’s rest even better than great sheets and pillows do to create a tranquil setting at bedtime. Think of short and long pajama sets, camisoles and tees, and slips and nightshirts for those who take the nightgown route.

Transition from Bedroom to Streets

Regardless of your preference, pajamas are no longer confined to the bedroom. Many sleepwear brands design with elegance and flair that effortlessly transitions from the sheets to the streets.

Popular Sleepwear Brands

  1. Lake

  2. Eberjey

  3. Lunya

  4. The Sleep Code

Luxury Nightwear

For luxury nightwear, Olivia Von Halle, La Perla, and Morgan Lane are among the best, all beloved for oh-so-silky sets and separates that easily double as ready-to-wear when combined with the right accessories.

25 Best Sleepwear Brands

  1. Lunya

  2. The Sleep Code

  3. Lake Pajamas

  4. Hill House Home

  5. Eberjey

  6. Gap

  7. Cuyana

  8. Derek Rose

  9. Loup Charmant

  10. Skims

  11. Papinelle

  12. Lanz of Salzburg

  13. J.Crew

  14. Sleeper

  15. Morgan Lane

  16. La Perla

  17. Olivia Von Halle

  18. Asceno

  19. Desmond & Dempsey

  20. Tekla

  21. Araks

  22. Sleepy Jones

  23. Posse

  24. Dôen

  25. Fruity Booty


From comfy cotton to so-soft Tencel and exquisite silk, these 25 sleepwear brands offer a wide range of options for a stylish and comfortable slumber. Whether you prefer classic designs or trendy styles, there is something for everyone to enjoy a restful night’s sleep in style.

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