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Sparkle and Shine: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Perfect Bridal Earrings!

The Best Bridal Earrings to Have and to Hold—And to Shop!

The Best Bridal Earrings to Have and to Hold—And to Shop!


The Importance of Bridal Earrings

Of all bridal jewelry, the engagement ring is the pièce de résistance that often garners the most interest and attention. Though, one could argue that bridal earrings are an equally (if not more) important day-of detail. They are, after all, the sole jewelry item that will frame a bride’s face.

While a bride’s engagement ring may be blocked by a gorgeous bouquet, or hidden behind the interlaced fingers of her partner’s hand, her bridal earrings will have prime real estate in almost every close-up beauty shot and side profile still captured on the big day.

Vogue’s Favorite Bridal Earrings

  1. The Classic Pearl Earring: Sophie Bille Brahe 14k yellow gold pearl earrings, $1,080

  2. The Double Drop Pearls: Mateo duality 14k yellow gold pearl earrings, $600

  3. The Sparkly Stunner: Jane Taylor twinkle twinkle 14k yellow gold topaz earrings, $1,695

  4. The Diamond Dangles: Mejuri micro-pavé diamond rivière earrings, $598

  5. The Braided Hoop: Yvonne Léon 9k gold & braided diamond earrings, $2,940

  6. The Something Blue: Mateo 14k gold, topaz, & diamond earrings, $3,500

  7. The Stylish Swirl Earrings: Bea Bongiasca vine diamond pavé drop earrings, $3,290

  8. The Diamond Dazzlers: Ondyn 14k gold & diamond elettra earrings, $4,475

  9. The Reimagined Pearls: Lelet mercury pearl ear climbers, $118

  10. The Delicate Diamond Climbers: Graff pavé butterfly diamond ear climbers, $4,700

Precious Pearls

Pearls are a timeless wedding day earring. They are elegant, sophisticated, and refined–all qualities many brides strive for when carefully crafting their wedding day looks.

Something Sparkly

The walk down the aisle is a bride’s moment to truly shine, so why not opt for something with a little extra shimmer?

Something Blue

For those still searching for something blue, consider this your excuse to invest in a seaside shade of gemmy drops.

Something New

Many bridal earrings are tried and true classics that have withstood the test of time, but some brides aren’t interested in sporting a style that’s already been done before. Instead, they’re hoping to discover something new—a special pair of earrings that incorporates traditional bridal jewelry elements, like diamonds, pearls, and precious metals, but interpreted in a unique, stylish way that exudes modernity and new-age, it-girl coolness.

Explore the above options and find the perfect pair of bridal earrings to elevate your wedding day look!

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