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Starstruck: Jason Kelce’s Encounter with A-Listers at Taylor Swift’s Super Bowl Soiree

Jason Kelce’s Experience Meeting Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl

Jason Kelce’s Experience Meeting Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl


There’s the level of fame wherein normal people want to meet you, and then there’s Taylor Swift, who is so famous, other famous people want to meet her. Recently, Jason Kelce, brother of Swift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce, shared his overwhelming experience of being in the presence of the renowned singer during a big event.

The Star-Studded Suite

During the post–Super Bowl episode of their podcast, New Heights, Jason Kelce expressed his amazement at the number of celebrities who were eager to meet Taylor Swift. While Travis Kelce was on the field, Jason, his wife Kylie, and mom Donna were in a suite with Swift and her friends, surrounded by other celebrities who kept dropping by.

  1. Jason mentioned, “It was overwhelming…everyone wants to come see her, but the suite is only so big.”

  2. He added, “The celebrity attendance was pretty unreal, and I was talking to Keegan-Michael Key and his wife outside the suite.”

Taylor Swift’s Comfort in the Limelight

Despite the overwhelming attention, Travis Kelce pointed out that Taylor Swift thrives in such situations, having been famous for the majority of her life. The tight end highlighted that Swift has experienced countless similar scenarios and handles them with ease.

Super Bowl Win and Thrills

While hobnobbing with celebrities may be routine for Taylor Swift, witnessing her boyfriend win the Super Bowl in overtime was still a thrilling experience for her. On the field after the game, she expressed disbelief and excitement, telling Travis, “How did you do that? It was unbelievable.”


It seems that everyone involved had a memorable and unique experience on that day, from Jason Kelce’s overwhelming encounter with the star-studded suite to Taylor Swift’s excitement over her boyfriend’s Super Bowl victory. The Super Bowl certainly provided a mix of surprises and unforgettable moments for all.

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