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Step into Style: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Loafer Brands for Effortless Everyday Elegance

16 Best Loafer Brands to Bookmark—And Shop!—for Easy, Everyday Elegance

16 Best Loafer Brands to Bookmark—And Shop!—for Easy, Everyday Elegance

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The Best Loafer Brands for Your Wardrobe

Rain, snow, or sunshine…the loafer is the year-round all-star in any shoe collection. But not just any loafer will do, of course. The best loafer brands offer both functionality along with an undeniably chic edge that compliments any outfit.

Take Gucci’s Horsebit design for example. It’s no secret that the brand’s equestrian-inspired take on the loafer has become a pillar of sophisticated ease since the 1950s. And even in the Italian house’s most recent runway show, the brand continues to prove just how poignant of a staple the loafer can be in any wardrobe, pairing them with nearly every look, from a red hot mini patent leather dress to menswear inspired waistcoats.

With an emphasis on craftsmanship, labels like Church’s, G.H. Bass, and Grenson also join Gucci on the list of need-to-know brands that are dominating in the loafer department, from the chunky styles to the slim suede and leather driving loafers.

The Loafer Wish List

  1. The Everyday Essential: G.H. Bass Whitney Easy loafer, $175

  2. The Investment-Worthy Find: Loro Piana Summer Charms Walk suede loafer, $1,025

  3. The Timeless Treasure: Santoni penny loafers, $680

  4. The Sleek Silhouette: ATP Atelier Airola loafers, $550

  5. The Affordable Favorite: Mango leather moccasins, $99

  6. The Celebrity-Approved Pair: The Row Adam loafer, $1,090

  7. The Heritage Hero: Gucci Horsebit 1953 loafer, $990

G.H. Bass

Of course, we had to put the creators of the penny loafer at the top of our list. In the 1930s, George Henry Bass transformed a Norwegian slipper by adding a thicker sole and fastening a notched strap on top. Fast forward to today, and the timeless brand is still a go-to for classic loafers at more accessible price points.

Featured Products:

  1. G.H. Bass Whitney Weejun hand-sewn penny loafers, $175

  2. G.H. Bass Whitney easy loafers, $175


From the coveted handbags to those logo-tastic belts, there are so many reasons to love Gucci. But if you asked most fashion editors, they’ll tell you it’s the undeniable high-quality Italian leather and craftsmanship of the brand’s shoes that they love most, especially its iconic loafers.

Featured Products:

  1. Gucci leather horsebit loafers, $920

  2. Gucci horsebit-detailed leather loafers, $990

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