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Style Scoop: Blake Lively Spills on Her Super Bowl ‘Shants’ and Sweet Tribute to Ryan Re

Blake Lively’s Super Bowl ‘Shants’ Look and Homage to Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively’s Super Bowl ‘Shants’ Look and Homage to Ryan Reynolds



A full week and a half after attending the Super Bowl with Taylor Swift, Blake Lively has finally shared the details of her experience. On February 20, Lively posted a Super Bowl photo dump on her Instagram, showcasing her unique outfit and subtle tribute to her husband, Ryan Reynolds.

Blake’s Super Bowl Outfit

Blake Lively chose to support her bestie’s boyfriend’s team, the Chiefs, by wearing all red Adidas attire. Her look included a slouchy tracksuit jacket paired with stiletto pants, creating a bold fashion statement. The combination stiletto-pants, or “shants,” as she humorously called them, highlighted her playful and stylish approach to athletic wear.

Jewelry Choices

Lively accessorized her outfit with chunky gold necklaces, bangles, and a chain bracelet featuring “best friends” charms representing Deadpool and Wolverine, characters portrayed by her husband, Ryan Reynolds. This subtle homage showcased her love and support for Reynolds in a creative and fashion-forward manner.

Blake’s Instagram Caption

In her caption, Blake shared a witty recap of her Super Bowl experience, mentioning leaving her kids for the first time, wearing unconventional pants, and borrowing copious amounts of jewelry. Her humorous take on the event highlighted her fun-loving personality and unique perspective on fashion and life.


Blake Lively’s Super Bowl ‘shants’ look not only displayed her sartorial flair but also revealed her playful and affectionate gesture towards her husband. Her ability to blend fashion, humor, and personal connections in a single outfit exemplifies her status as a style icon and a devoted partner.

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