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Style Therapy: Ambika Mod Reflects on Processing Criticism Like Emma Morley

One Day Star Ambika Mod Processing Emma Morley Criticism in Therapy

One Day Star Ambika Mod Processing Emma Morley Criticism in Therapy



Ambika Mod has been contemplating Emma Morley and the recent criticisms surrounding her portrayal in the latest adaptation of David Nicholls’s best-selling romance, One Day. The series has garnered attention and praise, but also faced backlash on social media platforms.

Ambika Mod’s Reflection

Ambika Mod, the 28-year-old actor who plays Emma in the series, has expressed her thoughts on the criticism and the challenges she faced in taking on the role. Despite her initial hesitation, Mod eventually embraced the character, drawing parallels between herself and Emma.

  1. Mod’s initial struggles with seeing herself as a romantic lead.

  2. Her journey towards building confidence in portraying Emma.

  3. Reflection on similarities between herself and the character.

Discussion on Double Standards

Mod delves into the double standards prevalent in the romance genre, highlighting the unequal treatment of female characters compared to their male counterparts. She emphasizes the importance of giving equal respect and recognition to female characters like Emma.

  1. Comparison between Emma and Dexter’s character arcs.

  2. Analysis of societal perceptions and biases towards female characters.

  3. Exploration of Emma’s agency and realism in the story.

Romantic Era and Cultural Shifts

Mod reflects on the evolving dating culture and its impact on modern-day relationships, contrasting the communication methods in the series with contemporary norms. She discusses the authenticity and subtleties of Emma and Dexter’s love story in contrast to grand gestures often seen in romantic movies.

Therapy and Mental Health

Mod’s openness about her mental health journey and therapy is highlighted, shedding light on the importance of seeking support and discussing challenges faced in the industry. The incorporation of therapy in coping with criticisms and societal pressures is acknowledged.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

Mod shares her excitement for attending Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in London and discusses her favorite album and ideal surprise songs. The connection between music, personal preferences, and mental well-being is explored in the context of Mod’s experiences.


Ambika Mod’s reflections on portraying Emma Morley in One Day provide insight into the complexities of character representation, societal expectations, and personal growth. Her candid discussions on therapy, double standards, and romantic narratives offer a glimpse into the challenges faced by actors in the industry.

6 episodes into One Day and I'm not feeling this dynamics between Dex and Emma. I truly hate storylines where the girl is just waiting for the boy to love her back. — Pirate of the Atlantic (@U_xtraordinaire) February 20, 2024

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