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Stylish Stars: Your Leo Fashion Forecast for February 2024

Leo Tarot Horoscopes: February 2024

Leo Tarot Horoscopes: February 2024


Own your growth, Leo! Your monthly tarotscopes can help you shift your perspective to become who you’ve always dreamed of being. Together we can find your highest vibrational self in 2024 through tarot horoscopes.

Read on to see what’s in store for your sign this year with your monthly tarot horoscope, Leo. And if you’d like more guidance, check out weekly horoscopes or consult the other zodiac signs’ monthly tarotscopes.

Meghan Rose, an astrologer, tarot reader, and writer based out of Los Angeles, will guide you through the insights for February 2024.

February 2024 – Eight of Wands

You are going to have an opportunity this month to explore a new place or perspective that was otherwise unknown to you. This new position is going to give you a chance to set yourself free and start to live more passionately.

Saying yes to the legacy you want to leave behind takes small, everyday decisions that ultimately lead to a path that you’ve forged from A to Z. However, you need to recognize other people along the way and thank them appropriately by giving back to the resources and causes that helped you to get here.

  1. Embrace new opportunities

  2. Set yourself free

  3. Practice philanthropy

January 2024 – Queen of Wands

Rise up for the blessings you deserve, my lion(ess)! You are walking into a month that is sure to be filled with gifts and kismet opportunities beyond your wildest dreams.

You are going to start to see how powerful you are when you are in your power. Living with the expectation of kindness and abundance does not make you entitled.

  1. Embrace your power

  2. Expect kindness and abundance

  3. Believe in the blessings coming your way

For more insights and guidance, visit Meghan Rose’s website at and follow her on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

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