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Taylor Swift’s Super Bowl Boho Hair: A Sweet and Stylish Detail

Taylor Swift Wore This Sweet Boho Hair Detail For The Super Bowl

Taylor Swift Wore This Sweet Boho Hair Detail For The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl Surprise

So it turns out that Taylor Swift–I mean, the Kansas City Chiefs—won the Super Bowl last night. One of the most anticipated dates in the American sports calendar, fans questioned whether Swift, who was on tour in Japan, would make it back in time to see her boyfriend Travis Kelce play in the crucial game. Make it she did, and with a cute boho detail woven into her ponytail.

Boho Hair Detail

Swift wore her hair tied up into a messy ponytail–fringe un-styled and worn with natural texture–and sported two mini plaits on either side of her head, which fed from her roots to her mid-lengths and ends. A sweet detail in an otherwise simple style, Swift looked undone and effortless–it was a perfect look to complement her outfit: the classic jeans-and-a-nice-top combo.

Beauty Notes

  1. Signature red lipstick

  2. Cat-eye liner

  3. Pale, white-toned neutral manicure

Final Thoughts

Swift always manages to strike the right beauty note–and this is a pitch-perfect (no pun intended) look if ever we saw one.

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