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Taylor Swift’s Trendsetting Nail Shape Steals the Spotlight at Travis’s Win Celebration

Taylor Swift Rocks A Trending Nail Shape While Celebrating Travis’s Win

Taylor Swift Rocks A Trending Nail Shape While Celebrating Travis’s Win


Taylor Swift was on the sidelines to cheer Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs to victory last night. A little post-game PDA on the field put Swift’s fresh manicure front and center.

Beauty Look Breakdown

While beauty-wise, Swift had opted for her signature feline flick and pillarbox red lipstick–plus Rapunzel-esque waves cascading down her back–her nails were painted in an unusual shade of peach. Filed into a rounded, square shape, Swift’s nails were painted in a coral-meets-bisque shade, with a glittery finish and high-shine top coat.

Details of the Nail Shape

  1. Rounded, square shape

  2. Coral-meets-bisque shade

  3. Glittery finish

  4. High-shine top coat

The Trendy Manicure

The new manicure is suitably Swift–she has long had a penchant for glitter and shine–but the fresh shape indicates that she’s not immune to having her head turned by the latest trends.


Taylor Swift’s nail shape and color choice have sparked a new trend in the fashion and beauty world. It’s always exciting to see celebrities like Swift embracing the latest styles and inspiring others to try something new.

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