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Taylor Swift’s Winning Style: The Story Behind Her ‘TNT’ Bracelet and Kansas City

Taylor Swift Keeps Travis Kelce Close in Her ‘TNT’ Bracelet and Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Hat

Taylor Swift Keeps Travis Kelce Close in Her ‘TNT’ Bracelet and Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Hat


After the Melbourne portion of the Eras Tour came to a close without a Travis Kelce sighting, Taylor Swift kept her boyfriend close in a sweet sartorial way.

A Sentimental Look

On February 18, the 34-year-old pop star was photographed boarding her private jet out of Australia in a look full of sentimental reminders of the NFL tight end. Swift was seen wearing a top in Chiefs red, along with a KC Super Bowl Champions cap and the viral “TNT” bracelet gifted by Kelce last month.

The “TNT” Bracelet

Swift first wore her diamond “TNT” friendship bracelet during the Chiefs vs. Ravens game on January 28. The jewelry company Wove confirmed that Kelce ordered his-and-her versions of the customizable monogram piece, designed in collaboration with pro golfer Michelle Wie West.

Origin Story

Swift and Kelce first met after he discussed attending her concert on his New Heights podcast in July 2023. He tried to give her his number via a friendship bracelet, which has now become an integral part of the Eras Tour experience.

It’s safe to presume that “TNT” stands for Taylor ’n’ Travis, reflecting a sweet connection between the couple.


It’s heartwarming to see Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce celebrate their love through these special tokens. The “TNT” bracelet and Chiefs gear symbolize their bond and shared experiences. We can’t wait to see what other adorable gestures they have in store!

By Emily Tannenbaum

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