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The Enigmatic Elegance of Carrie Coon: A Haunting Collaboration with Thom Browne

Carrie Coon Takes on The Raven for Thom Browne

Carrie Coon Takes on The Raven for Thom Browne


Thom Browne, the visionary designer known for his theatrical fashion shows, unveiled his fall 2024 collection with a captivating twist. The show, inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s iconic poem, The Raven, featured the talented actor Carrie Coon as the voice behind the mesmerizing soundtrack.

Carrie Coon’s Role

Carrie Coon, recognized for her transformative acting skills, lent her voice to bring Browne’s Poe-inspired collection to life. Despite being away filming, Coon’s collaboration with Browne added a new dimension to the show.

Coon’s Thoughts on Character Development

Coon shared her insights on character development, emphasizing the importance of embodying a character from the inside out. Her approach to portraying The Raven character was focused on clarity within the creative design set by Browne.

Personal Relationship with Fashion

Coon described her relationship with fashion as nascent, highlighting the continuous learning process beyond mere aesthetics. She found the opportunity to lend her voice to a fashion show soundtrack thrilling and intriguing.

Affinity with Thom Browne

Coon expressed admiration for Thom Browne’s reimagining of men’s suiting and his playfulness in subverting traditional fashion norms. The brand’s appeal to New York theater personalities, including Coon’s costars, resonated with her appreciation for Browne’s unique approach.

Revisiting The Raven

As a literature major, Coon’s familiarity with Poe’s work made revisiting The Raven a delightful challenge. She appreciated the poem’s rhythmic punctuation and clever wordplay, particularly favoring the line, “And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon’s that is dreaming.”

Comfort in Fashion

When comparing comfort between a Thom Browne corset and one from The Gilded Age, Coon favored Thom Browne’s design for its elegance and ability to cinch the waist without compromising comfort.

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