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The Inside Scoop: Lewis Hamilton’s Move to Ferrari – Why It’s Happening and What I

Lewis Hamilton Joins Ferrari? It’s Real—Here’s Why

Lewis Hamilton Joins Ferrari? It’s Real—Here’s Why

The Shocking News

The sporting world woke this morning to seismic news: Seven-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton will be leaving Mercedes to join Ferrari, driving alongside Charles Leclerc starting with the 2025 season. This move, long-rumored in F1 paddocks, marks a significant shift in the motorsport landscape.

Why Is This a Big Deal?

If you’re a devoted F1 fan or a Drive to Survive devotee, you understand the impact of Hamilton’s move. Hamilton’s career, while legendary, has faced challenges in recent years due to Mercedes’s struggles to match Red Bull’s dominance. Joining Ferrari gives Hamilton a new opportunity to push for further world championships.

Hamilton’s Motivation

  1. Seeking to add to his world championships after frustrations with Mercedes

  2. Seeing the potential at Ferrari with a redesigned car and a competitive teammate

Why Ferrari?

Ferrari emerged as the ideal choice for Hamilton due to several factors:

Cordial Relationships

Hamilton’s relationship with Scuderia Ferrari principal Frédéric Vasseur played a key role in the decision. The rapport between the two has been evident in race paddocks, making the move to Ferrari a natural fit.

Contract Flexibility

Hamilton’s recent contract extension with Mercedes is believed to have an escape clause, aligning with Sainz’s contract ending after this season. This contractual alignment made the opportunity to sign Hamilton feasible for Ferrari.

Risks and Rewards

The move to Ferrari presents both opportunities and challenges:


  1. Hamilton’s experience and expertise can elevate Ferrari’s performance

  2. Potential for Hamilton to become a charismatic brand ambassador for Ferrari beyond F1


  1. Ferrari’s title drought since 2008 and the upcoming redesign of the car pose risks

  2. Recreating the success of Hamilton’s team at Mercedes will require dedication and precision

Impact on Formula 1

This move reshapes the Formula 1 landscape:

  1. Ferrari gains a seasoned driver in Hamilton and a charismatic figure

  2. The addition of Hamilton enhances Ferrari’s technical and marketing capabilities

Rumors surrounding the orchestration of the move remain unconfirmed, but one thing is clear: Lewis Hamilton’s shift to Ferrari marks a significant moment in motorsport history.

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