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The Newest and Hottest Fashion Brands That Are On the Market

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

If you’re wondering what brands are trending in 2021, the results gathered during the first three months of the year are finally in. Each quarter, Lyst, a shopping platform with 12,000 brands and stores, analyzes and combines purchases on its platform with Google’s search data and social media mentions to present us with the most-purchased, sought-after, and talked-about labels. While the big names on the list might not come as a surprise, it is very interesting to see the order in which they appear.

The top 5 brands

The second season of Balenciaga hit shelves in 2016, and created quite a stir. Since then, many have come to associate the label’s big shoulder bag, oversized logo tees, and basic aesthetic with the label. Unfortunately, their first show in New York was shut down at the last minute because of too many attendees. However, their store in The Box has long been stocked and continue to create a frenzy among the stiletto loving brigade. The Tod’s and Loewe were popular searches in January, and will no doubt continue to be the go-to for street style stars and editors alike in the year ahead. The new designers This month, we found out that Baja East will be opening a store on East 15th Street.

The list of top 10 brands

  1. Nike Nike Inc

  2. Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton LVMH

  3. Gucci Gucci Fashion House

  4. Adidas Adidas AG

  5. Supreme Supreme Group, LLC

  6. Burberry Burberry Group plc

  7. Puma Puma SE

  8. Chanel Chanel S.A.

  9. Hermes Hermes SA

  10. Claudio Fibonacci Claudio Fibonacci

Just for fun, here’s a little image of the brands on the list, if you want to cut out the non-fashion details: Top 10 brands of the year 2020 Mark-ups compared by year; the higher the number, the better the price: Brand name Company name

  1. Balenciaga Balenciaga SAS

  2. Prada Prada SpA

  3. Burberry Burberry Group plc

  4. Gucci Gucci S.p.A

  5. Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton LVMH

  6. Fendi Fendi S.p.A

  7. Givenchy Givenchy S.A.

  8. Versace Versace S.A.

  9. Yves Saint Laurent Yves Saint Laurent S.A.

  10. Claudio Fibonacci Claudio Fibonacci


Though, as many fashion companies, Lyst was surprised by the top five most-purchased names from the current quarter. Everlane rose out of the bottom five (a fact that can only be attributed to strong demand for their shoe collection which even helped them rank in the top 10 this year). Other new hits include Canada Goose, The Kooples, Self Portrait, and M Missoni. Also worth noting is the fact that Nike took over the most-purchased spot in the top 20 list. What’s even more surprising is the fact that one company that isn’t a brand with a fashion-related name was voted the most popular one for the third time. Balenciaga has always been a big seller for the platform (especially their Nike-inspired Hyperdunks and sneakers) but this year it grabbed the first spot on the list.

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