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The Outlander Chronicles: A Sneak Peek into the Highly Anticipated Starz Prequel Series

The Outlander Prequel: Everything We Know About the Upcoming Starz Series

The Outlander Prequel: Everything We Know About the Upcoming Starz Series



Get ready! The Outlander prequel, Blood of My Blood, has officially begun production in Scotland, Starz announced on February 5, 2024. This exciting new series will delve into the lives and relationships of both Jamie Fraser’s parents and Claire’s parents, promising a captivating narrative across two different time periods.

Plot Details

The series will focus on the parallel love stories of Jamie’s parents in the early 18th century Scottish Highlands and Claire’s parents in WWI England. Showrunner Matthew B. Roberts expressed enthusiasm about exploring universal themes through the origins of these relationships.


  1. Harriet Slater will play Jamie’s mom, Ellen MacKenzie.

  2. Jamie Roy will portray Jamie’s dad, Brian Fraser.

  3. Hermione Corfield is set to play Claire’s mom, Julia Moriston.

  4. Jeremy Irvine will take on the role of Claire’s dad, Henry Beauchamp.

Production and Release

Outlander: Blood of My Blood will consist of 10 episodes in season one. While a teaser trailer is not yet available, production has commenced, promising an exciting journey for fans. As we eagerly await the final episodes of season seven, Starz has confirmed the return of the series for its 10-episode final season, set to begin production shortly in Scotland.

Behind the Scenes

The talented team behind the Outlander prequel includes showrunner Matthew B. Roberts, executive producers Ronald D. Moore and Maril Davis, and consulting producer Diana Gabaldon. With such a strong creative lineup, fans can expect a compelling continuation of the Outlander universe.


Excitement is brewing as the Outlander prequel series, Blood of My Blood, embarks on its production journey. With a stellar cast, intriguing plotlines, and a dedicated creative team, this new chapter in the Outlander saga promises to enchant fans old and new alike.

The cat’s finally out of the bag! So excited to announce our 8th and final season 😩😩 of #Outlander.What an amazing journey this has been. Excited to have another season of the Mothership but also to be starting another exciting adventure with the prequel series!@Outlander_STARZ — Maril Davis (@TallShipProds) January 19, 2023

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