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The Power of Self-Affirmation: A Journey to Finding Proof of Existence

Proof of Existence by Rona & Ofek

Proof of Existence by Rona & Ofek


‘Proof of existence’ is a captivating project by Rona and Ofek that delves into the creation of unique characters, each with their own personality and world. The project aims to celebrate individual differences and normalize the idea of embracing our weirdness as a part of society.

Project Theme

The theme of ‘Proof of Existence’ is centered around advocating for solidarity, open-mindedness, and greater inclusion and diversity in the media and society at large. The project blurs the line between reality and fantasy by combining documentary and staged elements to create a thought-provoking narrative.

Character Creation

  1. Each character in the project draws inspiration from various elements, combining imagination with collaborative efforts to bring the vision to life.

  2. Makeup artist Elle McMahon and stylist Bessy Huang played pivotal roles in crafting distinctive looks and creating the fantasy world envisioned by Rona and Ofek.

  3. The project also features models from Zebedee Talent Agency, highlighting unique individuals with disabilities and visual differences, adding authenticity to the project’s message.

Photobook Publication

The ‘Proof of Existence’ project is set to be published as a photobook by KAHL Editions in London in 2025, further immortalizing the captivating characters and their stories.


The ‘Proof of Existence’ project by Rona and Ofek is a true embodiment of creativity and self-expression. It encourages viewers to challenge societal norms, embrace individuality, and tap into their boundless potential for creative expression.

Styling by Bessy Huang @gbessy__ | Makeup by Elle McMahon @elle_mcmahon_returns

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