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The Prada Passion: Gigi Hadid’s Reflections on Her Shared Obsession with Virgil Abloh

Gigi Hadid on the Prada Obsession She Shared With Virgil Abloh

In Her Own Words: Gigi Hadid on the Prada Obsession She Shared With Virgil Abloh

Gigi Hadid’s Prada Tribute

Gigi Hadid arrived on the Paris set of a recent cover shoot wearing a unique knitted jacquard sweater featuring an image of Mrs. Prada, which caught everyone by surprise and delight. This gesture highlighted the deep admiration and devotion that the Italian designer, Miuccia Prada, inspires in people. Gigi Hadid shared the story behind this special sweater in her own words.

The Miuccia Prada Fan Club

According to Gigi, the story of the sweater begins with her and the late designer Virgil Abloh. They shared a special bond over their admiration for Miuccia Prada, often jokingly referring to themselves as the Miuccia Prada Fan Club. They would exchange photos of Miuccia, creating a personal mood board that reflected their shared love for the designer.

  1. They would text each other photos of Miuccia whenever they came across them.

  2. Gigi recalls sending a picture of Miuccia in a yellow Maserati, adding a touch of fun and excitement to their interactions.

A Meaningful Gift

For Virgil Abloh’s last birthday before his passing, Gigi decided to surprise him with a special birthday present – a sweater featuring the iconic image of Miuccia Prada. She had the sweaters custom-made by Knitwrth, with the tag bearing the inscription “One of Two. Virgil and Gigi Mrs. Prada Fan Club.” The second sweater now resides in Virgil’s legendary closet archive, serving as a poignant reminder of their shared passion for Prada.

A Touching Tribute

Gigi chose to wear the sweater on set as a way to honor Virgil and bring his spirit with her to work. The sweater not only brought laughter and joy to the shoot but also served as a heartfelt tribute to Virgil’s memory. Gigi believes that Virgil would have loved the story behind the sweater and the homage paid to their mutual love for Miuccia Prada.

Through this personal anecdote, Gigi Hadid not only celebrates the legacy of two visionary designers but also exemplifies the power of fashion to forge meaningful connections and lasting memories.

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