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The Rise of Stripes: Embracing the 2024 Interior Design Trend

Why Stripes Are the 2024 Interior Design Trend to Know

Why Stripes Are the 2024 Interior Design Trend to Know


Stripes have made a bold comeback in the world of interior design, with top designers incorporating this classic geometric pattern into their projects. From black and white bars in bathrooms to striped drapes in living rooms, the versatility and visual impact of stripes are undeniable.

Reasons for the Surge in Popularity

Pandemic Influence

Many attribute the resurgence of stripes in interior design to the pandemic, where people sought comfort in muted earth tones and minimalistic aesthetics. As we move into 2024, there is a desire for visual statements and stripes provide a perfect balance of impact and ease of styling.

Compliment to Plush Furniture

With the rise of puffy, blob-like furniture pieces, such as the Camaleonda Sofa and boa poufs, stripes offer a strong graphic contrast and bring back a sense of geometric order to interiors.

Aesthetic Advantages

  1. Vertical stripes create the illusion of height, while horizontal stripes make a room appear wider.

  2. Stripes help trick the eye and can be used to manipulate the perception of space.

  3. Stripes are versatile and work with various interior styles, from classic to minimalist.

Design Tips and Inspiration

Versatility of Stripes

Stripes are gender and age-neutral, making them suitable for a nursery and transitioning seamlessly as the child grows. They also complement a wide range of interior aesthetics, from maximalist to minimalist.

Inspiration from History

Looking at iconic striped rooms in history, such as Otto Wagner’s Austrian Postal Savings Bank Building and Gio Ponti’s Villa Planchart, can provide inspiration for incorporating stripes in your own home.

Unexpected Placement

Stripes don’t have to be limited to walls; consider using them on ceilings, floors, or even columns to add a unique touch to your space.

Recommended Products

  1. Loro Piana’s Bukhara Stripe fabric

  2. Rose Tarlow’s Gigi Stripe fabric

  3. Farrow & Ball’s wallpaper designs


Stripes are a timeless classic that can elevate any interior space. Whether you opt for bold black and white bars or subtle striped accents, incorporating this trend into your home is a sure way to add visual interest and style.

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