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The Royals Could Use a Dash of Harry and Meghan Magic Right About Now

The Royals Could Use Harry and Meghan Right About Now

The Royals Could Use Harry and Meghan Right About Now

As royal gossip swirls and Kate-related conspiracy theories bubble to fever pitch, and an inept Palace comms team scrambles to explain away a Photoshop fail, a thought is crystallizing amid the noise: they should have never let Harry and Meghan go.

The Lack of Savvy and Strategy

The current imbroglio is exposing that the royal family isn’t as savvy or strategic as people are led to believe. If they were, they would have tried to keep Prince Harry and Meghan within the Firm at all costs.

The Slimmed-Down Monarchy

King Charles has long advocated for a “slimmed-down” monarchy, which seems to be backfiring as recent events unfold. The streamlining effort, aimed at efficiency, has left the monarchy weak and short-staffed.

The Diminished Cast

The monarchy is facing challenges with the deaths of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, the defection of Prince Harry and Meghan, and the disgracing of Prince Andrew. With King Charles battling illness and other royals facing health issues, the monarchy is becoming increasingly slender.

The Glaring Void

The void left by Prince Harry and Meghan has never been more apparent. Their absence highlights the lack of foresight within the Firm and the missed opportunity of retaining two influential and diverse members of the royal family.

The Strategic Misstep

Standing up for Meghan against abuse and supporting the Sussexes could have been a prudent move for the monarchy. The loss of Prince Harry and Meghan has left a gap that no other royals can fill in terms of global appeal and public interest.

The Remaining Actors

While the Firm has other members, none capture the imagination and fascination like Diana’s sons. The dwindling cast of royals makes it challenging for the monarchy to maintain its visibility and relevance in modern society.

Ultimately, the current state of the royal family highlights the missed opportunities and strategic errors that have led to a weakened institution, underscoring the need for forward-thinking and inclusive decision-making in order to navigate the challenges of the present and future.

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