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The Scent of Charles Melton: A Deep Dive into His Signature Fragrance

Want to Know What Charles Melton Smells Like?

Want to Know What Charles Melton Smells Like?

The Scent of Charles Melton

Charles Melton, known for his roles in “Riverdale” and “May December,” recently shared insights into his fragrance preferences and how scent plays a significant role in his life.

Memories and Associations

From early childhood memories of Lay’s chips with lime to his current favorite woody cologne with floral notes, Melton’s scent journey has evolved over time. He reflects on how certain scents can evoke memories and emotions, shaping his self-exploration and daily routine.

Fragrance Ritual

For Melton, applying fragrance is not just a routine but a ritual that sets the tone for his day. From moisturizer to misting his preferred cologne and walking through it, each step contributes to his sense of discovery and preparation for any role he embodies.

Scent and Character Development

As an actor, Melton recognizes the importance of scent in character development. He discusses how understanding a character’s scent can provide insights into their psyche, emotional makeup, and past experiences. This attention to detail adds layers of authenticity to his portrayals.

Loyalty to YSL Beauty

With a longstanding loyalty to YSL Beauty fragrances, Melton appreciates the authenticity and compliments he receives when wearing their scents. His connection to the brand goes beyond just a fragrance—it has become a part of his identity.


Charles Melton’s journey with scent showcases the intimate relationship between fragrance and personal expression. From childhood memories to character development, scent plays a pivotal role in shaping his identity both on and off the screen.

Image credits: Zoey Grossman for YSL Beauty

This structured HTML blog post provides a comprehensive overview of Charles Melton’s relationship with fragrance, including his memories, rituals, and insights into how scent influences his acting process.

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