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The Unbreakable Bond: My Nonhuman Friends and the Power of Animal Companionship

My Nonhuman Friends by Nika Sandler – A Heartwarming Tribute

My Nonhuman Friends by Nika Sandler – A Heartwarming Tribute

The Emotional Journey of Nika Sandler

Nika Sandler, a talented artist and a member of our PhotoVogue Community, takes us on an emotional journey through her relationship with her beloved cat, whom she lost a year ago. Through a series of archival photographs and new captures, she beautifully portrays the world from the perspective of her non-human friend.

A Tribute to Feline Companions

From the moment Nika was born, cats have always been a significant part of her life. She fondly recalls the first cat that took an interest in her when she came home from the hospital. This feline friend watched over her with care and initiated her lifelong bond with these majestic creatures.

Preserving Memories Through Art

After the loss of her close feline companion, Nika delved into memories of her cats and the profound impact they had on her life. In her series, she revisits archival photographs of her nonhuman friends, magnifying them to capture every intricate detail from a cat’s unique perspective. She also creates still lifes with objects that evoke the essence of her feline friends, preserving their touches and scents in her art.

Seeing the World Through a Cat’s Eyes

Nika goes a step further by capturing screenshots from camera footage attached to cats’ collars, offering a glimpse into how these animals perceive the world around them. This innovative approach allows us to experience the world through the eyes of her beloved companions.

About Nika Sandler

Nika Sandler is a talented artist who works with photography and text, exploring themes of the human and non-human gaze, gender, pleasure, and more. Her work has been featured in prestigious publications such as i-D, Dazed, and Libération. Nika is also the proud winner of the Small File Photo Festival 2023 organized by The Photographers’ Gallery.

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