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The Untold Legacy of Catherine Dior: The Rebel Sister Behind the Dior Empire

The True Story of Catherine Dior, Christian Dior’s Renegade Younger Sister

The True Story of Catherine Dior, Christian Dior’s Renegade Younger Sister


In the first episode of The New Look, Todd A. Kessler’s glossy new Apple TV+ period drama, we meet the heroic younger sister of Christian Dior, Catherine Dior. Her story during the Second World War and her influence on her brother’s work are truly fascinating.

Early Life

Born in 1917 in Granville, Catherine Dior grew up as the youngest of five children in a wealthy family. However, tragedy struck when her mother passed away and the family faced financial difficulties, forcing them to move to a farmhouse in Provence.

Joining the Resistance

During the Second World War, Catherine joined the French Resistance after meeting Hervé des Charbonneries. She used her brother’s Paris apartment to host underground meetings and showed immense bravery even when captured and tortured by the Gestapo.

Recognition and Bravery

Catherine endured imprisonment in several concentration camps but managed to escape and return to Paris. She was awarded numerous medals for her courage and resilience, including the Legion of Honour and the Croix de Guerre.

Influence on Christian Dior

Christian Dior’s iconic New Look collection in 1947 was accompanied by the fragrance “Miss Dior,” believed to be named after Catherine. She continued to inspire the Dior brand with her modernity, rebellious spirit, and love for flowers.


Despite living a humble life away from the limelight on a farm, Catherine devoted herself to preserving her brother’s legacy. Her impact on Christian Dior’s work is still felt today, with the brand’s creative director drawing inspiration from her in designs and campaigns.


The story of Catherine Dior is a testament to courage, resilience, and the power of family influence. As her tale gains more recognition through media such as The New Look, her legacy is sure to continue inspiring generations to come.

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